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Greetings! I'm new to this site and could use a bit of assistance:

Traveling in October 2005; 2 adult couples. We are seeking a relatively inexpensive rental (~$1000 USD), ideally a villa with a 2 BR apartment within walking distance (< 1 km)to Cortona, Montepulciano, or another charming town in that region. We are looking for the ability to spend quiet time on a terrace, sipping wine, enjoying the views OR strolling into town for dinner, market, conversation, etc. I expect to rent a car, too, but our friends - in their late 70s - would like a short stroll into town.

Can anyone recommend a villa/farmhouse that meets the above requirements?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Gary! I'm new to all this, but just did a ton of research to find a villa in tuscany and that was one of our 'wishes' on our list. Here's what I'll tell you - you're more likely to find a apartment close to the city (maybe an apt in a villa), but it's not impossible. I would say that you should prob. start with the different agencies recommended on the slowtrav site, which is what I did. I ended up choosing to stay near Florence at Il Verone ( and can't wait to go in May! I found that while I can't walk to Florence, I can walk to a great bus line that goes right into Florence - which is good enough for us!

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If you click on "Vacation Rental Reviews," which you'll find on the right, and scroll to the bottom, you'll see you can select reviews by location, including a town or city location. There are many reviews for apartments in Montepulciano and Cortona, as well as many other destinations. Here's one in Montepulciano that appeals to me:Politian apartment 1.
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Funny that you should mention the Politian apartment....This is exactly the one I thought of for Gary. We did not stay here,but I considered it,and I thought this would be good as it is in walking distance to town of Montepulciano.
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I think we have similar tastes on several Italy topics, including La Foce! By the way, I've enjoyed the photos you've attached to some of your messages. Thanks.
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Welcome to Slowtrav, Gary!

I think you might find it difficult to find something which is within walking distance of a town but still feels like a rural property. Towns like Montepulciano & Cortona have lovely historical centres, but are surrounded by areas of less attractive modern houses and commercial buildings: you'd have to walk through more than a kilometre of this to get to the centre.

The Politian apts are lovely (we stayed there last year), but they are in the town of Montepulciano. The view from the windows is spectacular, but there's no terrace or garden to sit out in.

I've never been to Montalcino, but there are plenty of threads about it (use the Find button at the top of this thread): I get the feeling that there are some apartments there with more of a rural feel to them.

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Hi my name is Mary Rose, I am a new member and have a wonderful contact for a house in Todi,near Perguia and Assisi, in Umbria, if you are interested in that area. This is an region that is filled with charming historical centers, wine tasting, good food and lovely countryside. It is also only 2 hours, by train to Florence. If you are interested, let me know.
Mary Rose
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Here's a link to a review of a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment within walking distance of Montefollonico, which has (IMHO) one of the best restaurants in Tuscany (La Costa).

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Hi Gary!
Why not trying Londa? It's a little town in Mugello / Val di Sieve in Northern East part of Florence. My villa in Londa does not satisfy your requests cause it's good for 6/14 people.

However there are in the area lots of villas/farmhouses with spectacular views to the village. Go to Paesaggio Toscano for some accommodation in the area.

"Villa Luciano"
Florentine Villa in Londa for rental
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