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Does anyone know if the US Handicap Parking Permit is valid in Italy? Thanks
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I suspect that the answer is no -- after all, I wouldn't expect an Italian permit to be valid in the US. But I have copied your query to the Italy forum, where someone may be able to better advise you if it is possible for a tourist to get such a permit.

- Roz
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If you do a search on line it seems there is are reciprocal disabled parking arrangements between EU countries and the USA. Like this one.

Beware of local parking laws too.

Every EU country has it’s own version of the permit, but they are all based upon the same design. So this may complicate this a little for you
I am going to raise the question; would the local official (police or parking attendant) know if your permit was valid or not?
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One thing is clear: unlike in US handicapped permit, while usually accepted for parking, does not entitle one to Free parking as it usually does in the US. There are extensive discussions about this on several forums and no agreement that I have been able to discern.
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If the question is are you going to get a ticket for parking in a handicap space if you use a US placard the answer is no, you won't get a ticket.

My personal experience with using my handicap placard is:

1) Handicap parking spaces in Italy are few and far between and based on the cobwebs on cars in such spots I fear they are permanently occupied.

2) The placard does allow you to drive in centro Rome during the "magic hours" where traffic is limited to people with special licenses or whatever.

3) In Sorrento we misunderstood what was handicap parking and what wasn't and we ended up with a 40 euro parking ticket. So ask if you aren't sure.

4) Parking (even for handicap) is not free. What the handicap placard does is hopefully allow you to find a parking space.

In England the US placard is accepted just like here at home.

You can, with enough time and patience qualify for the free handicap bus service in Rome. I had neither and probably won't attempt that insanity until I am in Rome at least 4 months a year.
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I think this is a pretty murky field. Ribeirasacra quotes above a link to a short article by somebody called Jill Browne.

Another source, the International Traffic Forum , is less clear with specific reference to Italy. If you scroll down to Italy, you will see that the last line says: "Parking badge: EU model". So is the US model the same as the EU model?

As I said: murky. If you look a few countries up, at Germany, there is a glimpse into the problem:

"Reciprocal Recognition

Germany uses the EU model badge. ECMT Resolution has not been implemented. In Germany, the Federal States (Bundesländer) are the appropriate authorities for the surveillance of road traffic and they have rejected this in the past. Reasons included likely difficulties caused by varying documents/badges (different style etc.) and possible language difficulties.

Recommendation for disabled people from associated ECMT countries is to get in touch with the local authorities responsible for road traffic at their place of residence, to see what kind of special parking permission is suitable or if the parking badge of the home country is sufficient."(My Italics!)

It seems the resolution that Jill Browne mentions was not adopted in all EU countries, and therein the quandary.
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The US handicap card, if it is visible on the car, will allow you to be treated as Italian handicapped, it is recognized, you have specific places to park, and in case they are full, you ca park everywhere without paying.

Now the point is that this is valid in Cortona and in the whole communal area, these are local laws. Normally is like I said, but in other places you might just be entitled to the space and still have to pay, as Tony say.

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If you have to enter Florence's ZTL zone with a non-florentine handicap permit, you should better ask to be registered in a special white list before you enter, or not later than two days after you have entered. Regulations and forms (Italian only) at:


Luca Logi aka itarchivarius
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We have been in italy several times with my mother in law. We used her handicap pass everywhere we went without any repercussions.
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Make sure you ask the rental company. they will know best and for sure. Maybe they have available Italian passes too.
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